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Luciana Todeschini Design
American Society Of Interior Designers | Luciana Todeschini

Luciana Todeschini Design offers a high-end, luxury decoration and interior design service for residential and commercial clients. From a global perspective, the company's mission is to provide a signature service based on the founder's developed artistic aesthetic. Our purpose is to bring to the table new, refreshing, and unique designs to your space.

We differentiate ourselves by providing a client centric approach - our goal is to bring your visions to life with a rather eclectic twist when it comes to style. We provide design services that are flexible and tailored to the client's needs, regardless of the scale. Our services can satisfy any demands from the five design sta
ges of strategic planning, concept development, design development, & consulting in construction documentation and administration. 

Luciana Todeschini was born and raised in Venezuela, enriched by a heritage that melds Italian and Portuguese roots. Growing up amidst diverse cultures, her formative years fostered a profound appreciation for global perspectives, profoundly shaping her visual acumen. Relocating to New York in her early years further deepened this cultural tapestry. A natural artist with an inherent entrepreneurial drive, Luciana embarked on her academic journey at Fordham Gabelli School of Business, graduating with distinction in Business Administration and a minor in Visual Arts. This foundational education laid the groundwork for her innovative approach to design.

However, it was Luciana's unwavering passion for interior design that prompted a transformative shift in her career trajectory. Recognizing that her artistic inclination transcended hobbyist boundaries, she pursued an AAS program at The New York School of Interior Design, consistently achieving academic excellence with honors and frequent listings on the dean's list.

Embarking on her professional journey, Luciana's initial clientele blossomed in the Dominican Republic, gradually expanding across Italy and New York City. This rich amalgamation of cultural influences and artistic sensibilities forms the bedrock of Luciana Todeschini Design's ethos.

Driven by a dedication to client-centered creativity and inspired by a diverse array of cultural perspectives, Luciana Todeschini Design endeavors to offer comprehensive and eclectic design solutions. Our approach is characterized by a fusion of international trends and styles, ensuring designs that are both diverse and harmoniously well-rounded.

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